House Tapas

Olives (GF) $6.5

Our Potato Bravas (V)  $8.5

Cantabrian Anchovies, with tomato bread. $14.5

Old School Croquetas of roasted FR chicken and Iberico Jamon $14.5

Leek and Mushroom Croquetas  (V) $12.5

Sepia Plancha, seared yummy cuttlefish, bread $15.5

Tortilla de patatas, potato & onion omelette, grapes, tomato bread $17.5

Manchego Cheese with Tomato bread  $14.5

Pa amb Tomaquet, Tomato bread (V) $5



Amanida Del Bosc, seasonal salad with radicchio, spinach, wild rocket, fennel, pear and pickled mushrooms, Roasted nuts dressing (V, GF) $9.5

Verduretes Rostides, Roasted seasonal Veggies with romesco sauce (V) $9.50

 Tartar, Seasoned raw Wakanui beef tartar, served with toasted bread $14

Gambes, tiger prawns cooked in extra virgin olive oil and garlic $19.50

 Guatlla, Roasted quail on bed of hunters rice with pear, chocolate, mushrooms, and wild rocket $19.50

Arròs de verdures, our vegetarian style only veggies paella (V, GF available) $18.50

Arròs cremós, Barcelona style seafood paella with seared fish and calamari

(GF) $22.50

Peix amb all I oli de codony, oven baked long line market fish, baked potatoes, apples and quince aioli $22.50

 Fileton, wakanui blue beef steak served with roasted piquillo peppers (GF)

Platillo $16.50 main $29.50



Crema Catalana (GF, V) $11

Xurrus chocolate dipping sauce (V) $11


Barcelona 484 N.ew North Rd Kingsland